Discover Room X Fitness for a motivating exercise experience that delivers results you can see. Based on the MX4 by Matrix framework, Room X Fitness combines best-in-class training tools with exciting workouts to help you improve endurance, strength, power and cardiovascular endurance in a way that’s right for your body and abilities.


With Room X Fitness, you will:


Build functional strength by performing weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities


Burn fat and build muscle faster with high-intensity interval training that activates a natural human growth hormone


Augment power with diverse resistance training


Refine agility with forward, reverse and lateral drills


Improve cardiovascular health with full-body exercise that’s easy on your joints


Increase aerobic capacity, strength and endurance with unique total-body workouts

No matter what your goals, Room X Fitness will help you achieve more with a mix of personal attention, camaraderie and challenging high-intensity workouts.


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