Sonoma Fit Sonoma: Outdoor Space and            Outdoor Group Classes Available Now!


​       Indoor Access Available at our Novato location!                                  Only Two Exits Away!!

  • Reduced enrollment fee $99 (savings of $100) with month to month membership

  • OR no enrollment fee (savings on $199) with 1-year contract

  • Lock in low price

  • All access to all clubs

  • Limited time offer


Platinum membership: $119 per month (value $129 per month).

  • Includes unlimited access to all group exercise indoor and outdoor classes (Gold and Platinum) & fitness floor

How we are keeping members and staff safe!

  • All clubs have state of the art, brand new ventilation systems to ensure that air is completely filtered. 


  • Only members can use the gym. No guest passes or day passes will be sold to non-members.


  • Members and employees are required to take a temperature check when entering the facility.


  • Members will be able to scan into the club using their key fob barcode or their mobile app. This is a no touch method of checking in. 


  • There will be markers 6ft apart outside the club to ensure social distance while waiting to check in.


  • Masks are required by staff and members


  • There will be a marker next to all cardio equipment/zones to notify staff that equipment has been used and must be cleaned before being used again.


  • There will be no towel service or showers available. Members must bring their own hand towel.


  • All weight machines and cardio equipment are spaced at least 6 feet apart, most are between 8-10 feet.​


  • Staff will perform club walks to clean equipment and virucide is available at all equipment for members to clean after use.

  • We have added outdoor space for small outdoor group classes. 



Temporary Hours

MON - THURS: 5:30am - 7:00pm

FRI: 5:45am - 5:00pm

SAT-Sun:  7:00am - 1:00pm

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